A few open words

This is our deepest wish
to leave our customers with the feeling of satisfaction and make them remember the holiday booked by us with pleasure. Therefore, we try very hard to be as helpful as possible when planning your holiday. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone, post, fax or via the Internet and ask your questions to ensure that your holiday truly comes up to your expectations. It would be deeply annoying if things that could have been resolved before departure had led to some inconveniences during your holiday stay.

The success of your holiday
The success of our holiday depends largely on the accommodation you decide on. We would like to advise you as much as we can to help you find accommodation where you will feel best. We would like you to consider which factors are most important to you for a successful holiday. Please make sure that you have inquired us about all areas of special importance.

A matter of taste
Plenty of our accommodations are furnished according to the individual taste of their owners, which does not necessarily comply with our customers’ tastes. The price relationship between the respective houses is not always commensurate with the quality of service. Sometimes an owner of a worse furnished house requests a higher rental price than an owner of a better equipped house. There are also other factors, such as the location of the property, that largely determine the price. Apart from that, the customers’ opinions seem to be very different from one another. Frequently one and the same accommodation gets an enthusiastic review from one customer and a complaint from another.

Our homepage contains numerous inside and outside photos of almost all accommodations we have on offer. This gives you a much better overall impression of the holiday homes than the one you can get from our printed catalogue. Should you have no Internet access (and only rely on friends or your workplace for the Internet), we will eagerly send you colour printouts of houses you are interested in by post. In this way you can make sure that the interior decoration of the booked property really suits you.

In Portugal beds are often smaller than in your country. If you are taller than 1,80 m, you had better inquire us about bed dimensions in the holiday home of your choice.

In the case of stand-alone holiday homes by the Atlantic coast, it may happen that on arrival the house lightly smells of damp, which mostly passes away in short time. As a result of humid climate and the vicinity of the Atlantic it is often unavoidable, even with regular airing of the house by owners.

Generally speaking, traffic is a little bit louder in Portugal. If you are particularly looking for peace and quiet, you should not choose accommodations located by main roads/ streets, but rather those situated in rarely attended, side streets.

Unforeseeable problems
They can be solved quickly when the contact person on site is informed immediately. Owners of properties and their staff are only human and they can make mistakes. Please react sympathetically when something unforeseeable happens. Should there occur any serious problems, our Berlin office is available and you can obviously phone us during our office hours. Anyway, we would like to avoid a situation when something makes you irritated for the whole time of your stay, while it could have been easily got rid of on the first day of your holiday.

Lovely peculiarities
They often contribute to the success or failure of the holiday. Most of our holiday homes are located amidst the land and its people, which gives you the opportunity of meeting the friendly and hospitable Portuguese and of getting to know their everyday lives and habits. Perhaps you will find out that there are some qualities of the Portuguese people that you are not particularly fond of. Try and accept them as they are. Soon you will get back home to the place where everything is just the way you are used to.

Together we can surely make it
that you will spend an unforgettably beautiful holiday
in Portugal.

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