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Sesimbra – a picturesque fishing town about 30 km south of Lisbon

This former fishing village has grown dynamically (8,000 inhabitants) and today lives mainly from tourists, especially those looking for a holiday in the vicinity of Lisbon. Only in backyards and garages you can spot men mending their fishing nets. Yet every time they leave to sea in their colourful boats, they get back home with a substantial catch. Nowadays, Sesimbra has turned itself into the centre of sports fishing and open sea angling. Sword fish appear regularly in this part of the coast. The bay is also well suited for snorkelling.
The fishing port is located in the western part of the town and the beach, which tends to be very crowded in the summer, in the eastern part. The road runs parallel to narrow sandy stripes, and at the back of the road Sesimbra is located on a steep hillside. The Moorish fortress from the 12th century, which suffered a lot in the earthquake of 1755, crowns the town landscape. There is not much known about the foundation of the castelo, apart from the fact that it was reconquered from the Moors by King Afonso Henriques in 1165. After its devastation, it was rebuilt in the year 1200. Within the walls of the castle a village developed, and since it quickly turned out to be too small for the growing community, it grew in the direction of the sea. The visit to the castle and the adjoining Christian cemetery is rewarding because of the beautiful view on the bay of Sesimbra. At the first weekend of September a Honey Festival is celebrated there.

Source: Portugal Handbuch von Marita Korst (Reise Know-How, Edgar-Hoff-Verlag)

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